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12-Jun-2017 01:47

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These are the ones I most commonly use to test games, and these are the emulators/versions that the configuration list references when suggesting emulators that do not display a version number next to it.These emulators are displayed in the configuration list in audio plugins require an RSP plugin to produce sound.I started this list back in 2003, but didn't touch it for some time after 2006. Since then, every single game in the list has been retested and better settings have been found for many of the games.Also, 51 games that did not have settings now do, 8 games reported broken now have working configurations, and 25 titles previously missing from the list have been added. It is an emulation configuration list of every known Nintendo 64 game, with recommended emulator and plugin combinations.I do not include the Project64 plugins by Jabo, so refer to the in the plugin pack folder for a simple guide on how to gather them all into a single folder from the various versions of Project64.Besides Jabo's plugins, all other plugins that this N64 configuration list refers to are included within the pack..There are a number of different emulators and plugins created by the community.

The Graphics Plugin Configuration Settings document briefly explains the various settings you will find when attempting to configure the various graphics plugins.

Changing the RSP plugin is very simple in Mupen, there is a dropdown menu like the other plugins.

In Project64, you must rename the RSP plugin you wish to use to RSP.dll, and back up the original one to a different name.

Welcome to my new and improved Nintendo 64 Multiple Game Configuration List.

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While I could have picked a better name, this is what I called it back then so I guess I'll keep referring to it with this title.

When using Jabo's audio plugin in any emulator, you will need to use an RSP plugin. The Project64 RSP is an LLE plugin, and should produce better sound quality at the cost of system performance.