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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

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Long retired to the enjoyment of that ease to which previous and honoumble labours 'give a zest, and firmed to taste the sweets of independence, — congenial friends^ who are more attached to your person than your rank, supply the varied charms of conversation, while your ample library, collected with so much expcnce, b4 Digitized by Google VUl DEDICATION*. FACE JL BK thread of the correspondence resumed and coxw nected with the former Letters bj a iingle |Mge«~ A retttm to Cromer, where the Reader is replaced in comfort^ and l Atrodocad at first tight to a friend -« and such a one as if mdf to be met with amongst the oldest acquaintance in the walks of life •— Another firiend who, without any Aght at all, is no less cour- teous to the stnmger by the way — Poor, n^eny, and blind James Rbynolds !In the paitia Uty which the Public has so liberally shewn to his pre* vious labours^ he presumes, indeed, to antidpate tbe encouraging sanction of the Marquis of Lansddwn; and in this pleasing hope, has the honour to be, with every sentiment qf considerafton ap4 esteem. Spencer, Gray, Mason, and the present Chancellor of the Exchequer, educated here •— Bene't, its origin^ its library for ecclesiastical manufcripts, the most celebrated in Great Britain — Trinity and Key*» ' College — The gate of humility — The gate of virtue — ^The gate of wisdom and the gate of honour, particulars concerning them — Story of the Snltaua and kis Vizier — King's College — Its magnifi- cence — Its chapel, the most perfect specimen of go- thlc architecture -—Accurate description of itschoir, of itstworoofsi walls, windows, Sec. - Donation of Prior the Poet, poor ^m^iuh Fontainer— Curiosities — JBeaefacdons — Ravages of Cromwell -^ St. Local description of Oxford^ from the samd source -*• .My Lord, Your Lordfhip's Most devoted humble Servant, S. Maet Magda- Liir's-— Its founder the Ainfortunate Earl of Staf- ford -^ Other particulars concerning it — - Trinity — Visit of ^he King of Denmark r^ The Chafel a masterpiece of ancient architecture f*— Sir Isaac. Importance of the Universities jb the eyes of Eurtipe — Antiquity of Oxford— etymology — Alfred — btrth-place of Richard Coeur de Lioa «— Mooastic estab Ushmeats— the happy skuation of Oxfprd— *iu advantages and incottvcnicnccs f— Bear Inn, e;w;clkpt accommodation •—'The magmficedt and extensive College of Christ Church —its foundation — Grcfit Tom — Cardinal Wglsey — Particulans otf this noble edifice, and endowment — |ictur«s and paint* ings — monuments —* the Isrs — Sufxrb walks — University Co LLBOE — the Physic Gardens interestrng account of them «- magnificent Library of RADCLf FFl — Br A^ENOSE Co LLfi GE — Ahh' soul's — grand court — chapel — library — hall — delebration of the Mallard-— Col lege the Theatre — various particulars concerning it — commemoration of founders ^nd benefactors — Pub- lic Schools — Aruodclian marbles — Pcunfret col- lection— Bodleian Library- Museum— Clarcn- Digitized by Google C^KTt KTS.Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal.