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15-Jun-2017 23:08

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It’s a short, easy-to-understand guide that teaches people how to first build a relationship with the most important person in the relationship―the Self―which puts them in a perfect place to attract their perfect partner when the inner power principles talked about in the book are applied to their life.

PS: Can you tell us a little more about these inner power principles?

Just trying to do the whole "Just Say Hi" thing ( Litterely and Figuratively ) So...

Best of luck to all, and believe when I say that this vinyl scratcher is proud to be among you.

What’s even more significant about the book is that if a person isn’t looking to date online, he/she can still apply the inner power principles to any area of his/her life and attract whatever it is he/she is looking to physically experience.

PS: What do you think are some of the greatest dating/relationships issues facing this generation and facing the target audience for this book and app?

This way, you can see clearly, hear clearly, and be inspired from an inner, deeper Source that can lead you to your healthy relationship.

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For our first date he took me to a chinese restaurant and afterwards we shared our first kiss outside the restaurant.My advice is to replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy ones.Forgive yourself and others and release yourself of emotional baggage.QJ: Some of the greatest dating/relationship issues, I believe, are those where people have not spent enough quality time with the Self first in order to be clear about what they want in a partner.

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Mental and emotional confusion within Self clouds your sense of judgement.So, because I enjoy writing, writing a book about this had to come. The idea came to me years ago to write a book on relationships, but I never fulfilled the charge until now.Inspiration hit and this time I decided to just do it; the idea has come back around for a reason.These conversations are certainly not part of the multiple dating apps on the scene.

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