Jim lange and the dating game game show stage

14-Jan-2018 08:00

The matchmaking game, often involving celebrities, became a hit and remains a pop culture icon of the early '60s. But before, after and even during "The Dating Game," Lange, a native of St.

Paul, Minn., was on Bay Area radio, beginning on KGO in 1958, around the time it was making an attempt at Top 40 as "K-Go!

In 1974, after one of his departures from KSFO, KGO-TV hired him, and that's how he connected with his second wife, Nancy Fleming, who was Miss America in 1961 and had hosted a local TV show.

The two were teamed to host "AM San Francisco." He was married at the time, but separating, and wound up marrying Fleming in 1978.

" In 1960, he switched to KSFO and joined a lineup, led by morning star Don Sherwood, that would dominate local radio for years.

To fill Richardson's spot, Pugh dipped into KFOG's past and hired Annalisa, who left the station in fall 2012 to take the morning shift on rival KUFX ("K-Fox"), replacing Greg Kihn. Gory, who joined KFOG in 2012, is joining a morning show in Los Angeles, anchored by Woody, with whom he worked years ago at KITS ("Live 105").

In 1991, I did a profile of Jim Lange, the longtime DJ on KSFO and the original host of "The Dating Game" and other TV game shows.

Feb 27, 2014. Jim Lange has died aged 81 from a heart attack at home in California; As a TV presenter he got national regonition presenting The Dating Game; Went on to host Hollywood Connection, $100,000 Name That Tune and The New Newlywed Game among many other shows; He was also a radio host in the.… continue reading »

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