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31-Mar-2017 11:15

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I’m talking about genuinely happy couples that you can’t help but predict the demise of their relationship. Maybe you fell hard for the wrong people or were so sure one person was the one that you were floored when it didn’t work out.“Oh he’ll probably cheat on her.” Or “She’s just with him for his money.” It’s like your mind can’t wrap around the fact that maybe, just maybe, there really are people who are happy in a relationship together. And while even happy couples have ups, downs, problems and issues at times, they are still putting themselves out there with someone, risking their hearts—and reaping the rewards. Maybe you feel like opening up your heart again will only open you up to more pain. The potential for pain may be great—but so is the potential for happiness.In fact, if you've been an expert in jadedness, it might have worn through some of that emotional roller coaster stuff that others experience with every single date they go on. Or you don't think this person "is the one" after a few e-mails and phone calls, and then, when he or she isn't, you don't crash and burn for weeks on end after the date. If you're willing to keep taking another look, and let go of whatever comfort stories keep coming up in your mind.meaning the results will always be that you have less opportunities and less respect than is ideal, whether you are naïve or you are jaded. Especially since with naïve or jaded, these are the two places we often start as men.Everywhere you turn, you see seemingly happy couples strolling arm in arm. I don't know about you, but the older I get, the easier it is to construct those kinds of narratives.After the hundredth date with a stranger met online, the veneer of novelty and potential wears off and you're left with reality.After the third, fourth, fifth long term relationship has gone down in flames, or fizzled out, or sputtered slowly into boredom and indifference it's that much harder to shrug it all off and move on with a fresh, open attitude. You have to pay attention to the stories coming up in your mind, and be willing to cut off the jadedness, and cut off the desire to compare whomever is in front of you with all those you dated in the past.Whether you know it or not, jadedness and similar states of mind are really addictive.

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It’s like you know this person sucks or won’t work out and yet you continue to try and fit the square peg into the round hole.Every date conversation reminds you of the last one you had.Every short term relationship falls apart in the same old ways. They're happy now, but will be yelling at each other by nightfall, and breaking up before the rooster calls in the sunrise.Cody prides himself on versatility, and specializes in both fast (~20 minute) hookups, and slow, sensual seductions.

Hi everyone. I 31/f have been lurking for a long time on Reddit and highly appreciate the posts on this sub. The last few weeks of dating for.… continue reading »

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Go read a few dating blogs or discussion group conversations. Or check in with enough of your single friends and you're bound to find it jadedness.… continue reading »

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