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07-Mar-2018 13:03

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to switch computers or log in and out of multiple Apple i Tunes accounts just to access the music, videos, and apps you have downloaded as a different user or on a new device.

There are a number of reasons why one might run into this problem; There could be separate libraries for different members of the family, you could have more than one computer (say, an i Mac and a Mac Book), you could have separate files for work and play, or you could have an i Tunes library stored on an external hard drive to free up your computer from your 1 billion song playlist.

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Note that there are a few limits here: The best way to merge two i Tunes libraries while preserving all of your data and not giving up any of your freedoms is to use i My Fone Tunes Mate.

It’s much easier and faster than the manual method.

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“If you’ve been using Apple products for a while, you may have multiple Apple IDs.One might be a user name, and another an email address,” Kirk Mc Elhearn writes for Macworld.“Or you may have set up one Apple ID for the i Tunes and App Stores and another for your personal data, such as your email and other i Cloud services.Luckily there is a method of merging your i Tunes library without losing metadata. Select both Keep i Tunes Media folder organized and Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to the library. You will also need to organize your libraries, which will make sure that each of your movies, songs, etc. Choose both Consolidate Files and Reorganize files in the folder ‘i Tunes Music’. Make sure all of the file types you’d like to export are checked off, such as Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, i Tunes U, etc. **So as not to be so confusing, I’ll be referring to the computer or user you are moving the library from to “Computer A” and the computer that you are merging the two libraries on as “Computer B”.** , you’ll be able to save yourself a step that can be fairly time consuming (transferring one entire library twice). All of the media files (music, videos, etc.) and its important data will move over to Computer B. Connect the external hard drive (EHD) to Computer A. In i Tunes on Computer B go to File-Add to Library. There are a number of programs that can do the job for you.

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are stored just how your new i Tunes library will expect them to be. If you cannot select “Reorganize files in the folder ‘i Tunes Music”, it means that your computer has already done this. Next you’ll want to make sure all of your file types are being exported. If you are transferring your music with an external hard drive (EHD), you’ll need to first export Computer A’s library to the EHD, and then import it from the EHD onto Computer B. Navigate to the EHD and select the file you’ve just saved there ending in Power Tunes seemed to be the more highly recommended program among Mac forum users, but with a price tag you might be more interested in it for some of the other features (such as doing the opposite and creating multiple libraries). Regardless of your method choice, you should be the proud owner of one beautiful i Tunes library with all of your media in one place.

Maybe you and your friend want to share music with each other.

Many of you will have a number of Apple IDs, especially if you're a MobileMe subscriber. So when you login to iCloud, or Game Center, or the iTunes Store, or FaceTime, or iMessage. how do you know which one to use? Well, thankfully, Apple is working on Apple ID account merging that will turn all of your 30 Apple.… continue reading »

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Jun 6, 2017. Do you need to merge two iTunes music libraries? This guide. Maybe you had two accounts in the past for some reason, and you want all of your purchases to be under one account now. Step 4 Open iTunes and go to Files Library Organize Library, and make sure that Consolidate Files is checked.… continue reading »

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Jan 20, 2018. If you've setup a new Apple Store account also known as a new apple ID and you're looking to consolidate your information from your old ID, Apple doesn't make it easy. So we've put together this guide that will help if you're looking to merge multiple Apple ID's into one ID. It's step by step and something.… continue reading »

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