Is kid rock dating anyone 2016

17-Jul-2017 06:44

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Even though I think his taste in women tends to be more “Pamela Anderson” than “Sheryl Crow”, I could kind of see why he would want to date Sheryl. So why in the world would she want to get with him? The pair turned up the heat – publicly cuddling at the June 16 CMT Music Awards in Nashville.

But when you ask her about any possibility for the two of them as a couple, she turns red and says, ‘I don’t know if I could survive that!

’” But judging by their closeness at the CMT Awards, Kid and Sheryl may finally try to become a full-fledged couple rather than just flirty pals, says Sheryl’s friend.

During that time the two had a brief fling, claims a friend of Rock – but they kept it secret.

Then in a 2004 interview, Crow denied ever dating the rapper, but added: “I really love him – he’s a good boy.” The two went on to other projects, but the embers never quite cooled, revealed Rock’s pal, who says the two occasionally enjoy hush-hush get-togethers in Nashville.

The 45-year-old rocker was performing his hit song…Musician Kid Rock made an emergency call to 911 after finding his assistant, Michael Sacha, dead at his Nashville, Tennessee, home on Monday.