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01-May-2017 04:40

Machinehead came out last week and was defending us in a way.Robb Flynn was like, do people really think that like, Judas Priest and Slayer and all of those – the ones that are on fire in the background, that they’re working too?

Somehow we’re still making music, but would you prefer if we turned these around? We’re Black Veil Brides; we make no bones, we’re not going out here to be the “artistic cred” band.But you recently announced that you’ll be doing the full tour. Is it strange being up there solo instead of with a band? And then the one thing that’s kept on, that I think is amazing, is ska has also had a very long history on this tour. ” Not to dog any bands on the tour, but it’s nice to hear people playing the fucking guitar, not just hitting it over and over again while people jump.Juliet: What happened was that I went and visited Andy during the California dates. With Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger and some smaller stage bands, there’s a lot of ska on this tour, and that hasn’t been around in a while. Since you went there, I have to ask about the amp controversy.“Stole everything from KISS” POZ: So is this your KISS late-80’s/early-90’s “Unmasked” era?