Invalidating warranty

03-Jan-2018 16:56

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If you fit a new can it is very unlikely damage will occur.Add modified air intake as well you may well get problems unless a fuel processor is added.

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Instead, it simply states: “Do not mix any screenwash concentrates of different manufacturers, as this may otherwise block the washer nozzles.” We called BMW and its spokeswoman initially said: “It’s imperative that the correct concentration of washer additive is added during all top-ups to the screenwash reservoir.In this case, the customer has used a screenwash from Morrisons, which isn’t of the correct concentration level.” When we pointed out there’s no mention of this in the manual, she replied: “In this case, the customer has used a non-BMW product, therefore mixing different fluids and invalidating the BMW warranty.” Simon had been using Morrisons’ washer fluid for around two years, so we argued he was not mixing the fluids, but rather replacing one brand with another.The spokeswoman said: “There might still be a residue from the previous product.The process of installing rooftop solar panels involves penetrating the roof, plus altering the house’s wiring and structural components.

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There are certain liability issues that must be addressed before installing solar panels on a roof.

Should you later discover a roof leak, it will cost far more money to remove the solar panels, install new shingles, and then re-install the solar panels.

Invalidating Warranty. By m0nkey, July 6, 2012 in Aygo understanding is that if a problem occurs, which would normally be fixed under warranty, that can be attributed to any.… continue reading »

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The optical drive is a user replaceable item so simply removing the DVD drive and replacing it with a caddy for an SSD/hard drive cannot invalidate the warranty.… continue reading »

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