Intimidating remarks

13-Oct-2017 02:18

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Previous winners include Amit Varma of Mint (India), Robert Guest of The Economist and Brian Carney of The Wall Street Journal." I've much appreciated Power Blogs, which we've been using for several years, but I'm afraid that Chris Lansdown is shutting Power Blogs down, and we'll have to move to some other blogging software and some other hosting company.

Any suggestions, especially as to blogging software?

As I explained in this post, one businessman - politically connected developer Gregory Wasser - used the the threat of condemnation to try to force two other businessmen to pay him 0,000 or give him a 50% stake in their business.

When they refused, the local government used the power of eminent domain to transfer their land to Wasser, as the latter demanded.

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Second and third prizes went to Swaminathan Aiyar, Consulting Editor of the Economic Times and Times of India, and Fraser Nelson, Political Editor of The Spectator.

More generally, court decisions protecting property rights against government should not be viewed as "pro-business" because the Didden pattern of local government using eminent domain to benefit politically influential business interests is actually quite common.

See. e.g. Miller v. Bank of America, 600 F.2d 211, 20 EPD ¶ 30,086 9 th Cir. 1979 plaintiff discharged when she refused to cooperate with her supervisor's.… continue reading »

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