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But they are unable to sustain even perfunctory civility and fast deteriorate to barbs and thinly-veiled hostility, to verbal or other violent displays of abuse, rage attacks, or cold detachment. Yet, at the very same time, he maintains his stance as an outsider.

The abuser seeks to be admired for his ability to integrate and ingratiate himself without investing the efforts commensurate with such an undertaking.

In general, the abuser is very impatient, easily bored, with strong attention deficits unless and until he is the topic of discussion.

One can dissect all aspects of the intimate life of a abuser, providing the discourse is not "emotionally tinted".

The abuser adopts a physical posture which implies and exudes an air of superiority, seniority, hidden powers, mysteriousness, amused indifference, etc.

Though the abuser usually maintains sustained and piercing eye contact, he often refrains from physical proximity (he maintains his personal territory).

The abuser likes to talk about himself and only about himself.

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When the abuser reveals his true colors, it is usually far too late. They are frustrated by this acquired helplessness and angry that they failed to see through the abuser earlier on.

In general, the abuser always prefers show-off to substance.

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