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20-Apr-2017 09:29

The blocking of follows a regional judgment, although it is not clear what law the portal violates.

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For many, the wave of porn “showed how bad it really was.”Pornography has largely disappeared from magazine racks since a 1996 law greatly restricted its sale.

Deti-404 subsequently created a new VKontakte page.

The blocking of Pornhub and You Porn stemmed from a similar ruling in 2015, when a regional court determined that the content violated a 2010 law protecting children from information dangerous to their health and development.

Contradiction is central to Russian attitudes toward sex. But Marianna Muravyova, a sociologist at the Higher School of Economics, suggests that it is pragmatism, and that — with the exception of views on homosexuality, which remains taboo — the conservatism advocated by the Kremlin has a low following in Russia.“People may claim they support traditional values,” Muravyova says, “but if you look at their attitudes toward sex outside marriage, living together outside of marriage, illegitimate children and abortion, a very liberal picture emerges.”Even Rydkina, who says she has witnessed the effects of state television on her own parents, remains guardedly optimistic.

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Public opinion surveys regularly show that Russians support censorship of sexuality in media. While helping her friends organize porn-themed parties in Moscow, she began to notice that otherwise straight-laced acquaintances were showing up at these get-togethers.“I believe people in Russia are too constricted internally,” she says.Since 2014, Yelena Klimova, the creator of Deti-404 (Children-404), a distinctly non-sexual website providing support for LGBT teenagers, has repeatedly found herself facing charges for spreading “gay propaganda” among minors.In January 2015, she was fined for the offense, but the fine was later cancelled and the case returned to a lower court when she presented the analysis of a Roskomnadzor-accredited expert who did not find “gay propaganda” in her actions. And in September 2015, Roskomnadzor blocked the Deti-404 page in the VKontakte social network after a regional court ruled that it promoted non-traditional sexual relations among minors.In fact, days after being banned, Bluesystem was available from a different domain and Pornhub opened an account in VKontakte.

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