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20-Apr-2017 09:29

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When I'm interested in someone and consider dating them, you're the reason I won't. He'll start seeing all my imperfections, and he will. I just feel so damaged sometimes and I don't want to be. But it's true if you just don't fucking trust people or tell them anything you're not going to get fucking hurt or if you just don't expect anything from anyone you'll be fucking fine maybe I should just stick with that because every fucking person is a stupid cunt.You're the reason that I think of empty stomachs and sleepless, lonely nights. It's like as soon as I feel good about something I have to think of all the bad things, and stuff that could go wrong. Open discussions or depictions of sex were largely absent from official Soviet culture, and pornography was a rarity.But with the arrival of perestroika and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union, the restrictions disappeared.And as the Kremlin pushes socially conservative values, the web has also served as a place where people can enjoy those sexual identities and practices not supported by the government.For this reason, “information technology can be considered a threat to traditional values,” says Gregory Asmolov, a researcher on mass communications at the London School of Economics, who has lectured at a conference organized by Rydkina.

For many, the wave of porn “showed how bad it really was.”Pornography has largely disappeared from magazine racks since a 1996 law greatly restricted its sale.Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1993, but few truly progressive attitudes toward sex emerged.For many Russians, the influx of pornography and garish sexuality was a trauma that went hand-in-hand with the social and economic upheavals of the 1990s, says Eliot Borenstein, a New York University professor who has extensively studied sexuality in modern Russia.Deti-404 subsequently created a new VKontakte page.

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The blocking of Pornhub and You Porn stemmed from a similar ruling in 2015, when a regional court determined that the content violated a 2010 law protecting children from information dangerous to their health and development.Russia has a complicated history with sex and the media.From the Stalinist period onward, Soviet culture promoted social conservatism and the word “sex” was often synonymous with vulgarity.The blocking of follows a regional judgment, although it is not clear what law the portal violates.

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When I'm interested in someone and consider dating them, you're the reason Iwon't. You're the reason that I think of empty stomachs and - online diary, bymy… continue reading »

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