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30-Oct-2017 20:45

For aid workers, dating can be "a little bit difficult," Prinsenberg says."You're always moving." The site's 4,500 members are mostly expats and community organizers, though anyone with a social conscience can join (no word on whether Obama's signed up).

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(Twitter account here) Middle East Helem – LGBT advocacy organization based in Lebanon.If there is one topic that gets humanitarians and other aid workers talking - apart from the obvious discussions about capacity-building and food aid - it is the challenge of finding a prospective partner in the field.In the last 20 years aid work has become more dangerous, and security restrictions have made it harder for aid workers to meet their significant other.The site's the brainchild of veteran aid worker Robert Simpson; several years back, he decided to vent work frustrations in typical style—by starting a satirical blog about an incompetent humanitarian worker.

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On it, he posted phony adverts, including one for a singles service.

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