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30-Jun-2017 02:20

Steve passed away in February 2017, but his superb blog remains online as a resource for journalism students and professionals and is well worth a read.

We’re way past the days of deciding which half-dozen hard-copy clips to stuff into an envelope with your résumé.

Time to dive into creating a pretty writing portfolio, right? Here's the thing: your portfolio will be tons better if you have a plan BEFORE you get started.

Follow our in-depth below to build your killer portfolio, and if you have any questions, hit us up @clippingsme on Twitter.

Keep in mind that your work doesn’t end with just creating a killer portfolio.

As you create new and better work, make sure you make additions to showcase your latest projects, but with the same focus on careful curation!

To be more visible - you want a place where people can find you online and learn more about what you do.

Once you know what the aim is, write that down somewhere.

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Even if the employer asks for hard-copy (and if you want to work for someone who needs hard copy), you need a URL (or a few) at the top, guiding your future boss to a place to study your work at length.So spend some time considering your pieces of work and the formats that you use the most often.Below, I've included some of the most common, but you may have others: Back when was founded, it only allowed for the addition of links and PDF files - but now you can embed all of the above, and most journalists take advantage of that functionality.Muck Rack's strong integration with Twitter make it an attractive portfolio option for those with a strong Twitter following.