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09-Jan-2018 02:46

A few days earlier, the detainees had protested their detention conditions.

According to a July 14 police statement, the female officer was suspended from duty and police opened a criminal and disciplinary investigation against her.

Since 1974 the southern part of Cyprus has been under the control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus, while the northern part, administered by Turkish Cypriots, proclaimed itself the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (“TRNC”) in 1983.

The United States does not recognize the “TRNC,” nor does any country other than Turkey.

The ombudsman reported a further but not substantial decrease in the number of prisoners due to the concerted effort of the prison’s new management.

None of the major complaints submitted to the ombudsman were related to overcrowding.

After the conclusion of the investigation, her suspension was lifted, and she returned to work at a different police station while the criminal prosecution and disciplinary procedure against her are pending.

The ombudsman found the incident to be a grave breach of the detainee’s human rights that amounted to degrading treatment.

One-third of non-Cypriots were convicted for immigration-related offenses, such as illegal employment and possession of false documents for entering the country.: Overcrowding continued to be a problem for Nicosia Central Prison, the only prison in the Republic of Cyprus, but to a lesser extent than in previous years.The prison’s official capacity was increased to 528 from 469 inmates; the maximum number of inmates held during the year was 653.Prison authorities held juvenile pretrial detainees in cells separate from convicted juveniles, but the two groups shared the same grounds in their daily activities.