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I also enjoy spending time with my children and their families and just looking to chat with some new people! I have bouts of extreme lonliness and I am starting to rely on alcohol for company. My husband is good to me but he is a very strong character and likes to be in control and I have very little money of my own and he would never have a joint bank account, so I have no idea how we stand financially.I have been a Silver Surfer for some time but this is the first time I have ventured on to the forum. He pays all the bills but it worries me that if any thing happened to him I would not know where to start.Once you’re ready to dive into the world of online chatting all that’s left to do is find a chat room and sign up.The online chat rooms here at Silversurfers emphasise the importance of connecting with people for our general happiness with interesting topic discussion, and are geared specifically at the over 50s, so you’ll be sure to find people in similar walks of life.Chat rooms offer the opportunity to interact with others and talk about everything from your grandchildren to tips for your garden.The options are nearly endless – online there are thousands of chat rooms to choose from where you can connect with others and share a laugh.Being mindful of your own personal safety and security will allow you to enjoy yourself and make the most of your time chatting to new friends.If you have a special hobby or interest – gardening, collecting, art or literature for example – this is a great way to explore online chatting.

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While most high quality websites have checks in place to make sure there are no fake users, it’s important no matter who you’re speaking to or how much you feel you trust them never to share personal information in a chat room, for example your bank details or full address.Sally Hi, this is my first time joining, I'm hoping to make some new friends and share similar interests. Adjusting to the aching loneliness of being without my best friend/lover of 36 years with the help of my German Shepherd, Charlie (13 yrs old). My best pal moved away when her hubby ran off with another lady and she could not bear to stay in the house they had shared for 30 years.I enjoy doing charity work for the Hospice and gardening and I love the hot nice weather when we get it. Love reading, traveling, discussing all sorts of topics. It really frightened me as I never thought he would do that to her and she had no idea either!I hope you find the features and articles we have shared with you of interest and relevance. I am age 63 and would like to chat about anything and everything.

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I hope you enjoy Silversurfers and all that we offer ... Right now I'm starting Faye Kellerman's Killing season. Located in Nevada, USA but have always loved England since I lived there as a child for 3 yrs (father in Air Force, stationed at Weathersfield AFB in the early sixties). My hubby still works full time but I am retired and have no neighbours to chat to.You have my total respect Ed36, your dedication in looking after your wife is something wonderful more especially at your age. Just like to chat and see how the rest of the world is doing.Live in a rented retirement apartment and do have lovely neihbours. I live in Wales am a widow,would love to have friends to chat too.Do the same as i did take more for shopping than you need and put the rest in a bank account of your won . Hi Ena C, I'm also in my 60' and have never joined a group before. I love classical music too, plus of course being an old Elvis fan and of a certain age enjoy that era music. Taking up driving again, although the cars nowadays are so technical, learning the controls takes more time than the road signs.

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