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20-Feb-2017 13:00

Is Netflix smart for recommending I watch Story and images by AV Magazine Blue Jeans Network and Voicera have announced the availability of in-meeting transcription powered by an artificial intelligence assistant, Eva.

Blue Jeans' customers can now enjoy full meeting notes for all participants that are easily stored, shared, edited and retrieved for later reference. Pugliese Charitable Foundation grant added z Space 3-D learning software late last year that is outfitted with glasses to heighten studies.

Story and images by ITWeb This is a game changer for Polycom and for Hardware Distribution," says Gail Holt, MD of Hardware Distribution.

The Realpresence Trio conference phone is the best conference phone Polycom has ever produced!

Blueface Video Conferencing enables visual engagement online with anyone, anywhere in the world, saving users time and money.

This is the first significant development from Blueface since its merger with Star2Star Communications in January.

So is it enough to have an internet connection in place to earn the title smart?

What if the product just follows a programmed algorithm to generate generic connections?

Story and images by Irish Tech News Blueface has announced the launch of a new video conferencing service using browser based web RTC technology.

Webcams aren't just for catching up with friends or dialing into a meeting anymore.

Live streaming and personal video production have given the humble webcam new life.

Story and images by No Jitter We're in the midst of a major A/V refresh - the biggest in 25 years, as Ira Weinstein, industry analyst and chair of the Video Collaboration and A/V track at Enterprise Connect, told me.

Enterprises across the globe are tossing out their clunky, complex gear and redoing their meeting room A/V and video in favor of new technology that's simpler, easier, and quicker, Weinstein explained.

But not many companies have the necessary chops in all key areas to build a highly intelligent device. Story and images by ITWeb Part of Avaya's plans for the future of its business is to simplify its products and therefore increase productivity for its customers.

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