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Amazon Rekognition is fully managed and comes pre-trained for image and video recognition tasks, so that you don’t have invest your time and resources on creating a deep learning pipeline.

Amazon Rekognition continues to improve the accuracy of its models by building upon the latest research and sourcing new training data.

Amazon Rekognition Image currently supports the JPEG and PNG image formats.

With Rekognition Image, you only pay for the images you analyze and the face metadata you store.

For details, please refer to the Amazon Rekognition API Reference.

Q: What image and video formats does Amazon Rekognition support?

Amazon Rekognition Image supports image file sizes up to 15MB when passed as an S3 object, and up to 5MB when submitted as an image byte array.

Amazon Rekognition Video supports up to 8 GB files and up to 2 hour videos when passed through as an S3 file.

This makes investigation and real-time monitoring of individuals like Persons of Interest easy and accurate.