Flirtbox dating site

22-Feb-2017 07:12

now all i get is page is temporary not available it has been like this for 12 hours now and i cant get on it. Read Full Review Written on: 29/05/2013 a nightmare site I was on a whole load of horrible people use it young and old in 12 mths only had one decent conversation that did not involve filth so I am so glad to be off it unless you want filth don't use it I've registered a couple of weeks ago without coming back.I couldn't remember why so I decided to try again today.

One of the worst websites I have experienced in a long time!!!!It’s not a good site, and nothing’s going to come of it that really helps you.Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, uk.Read Full Review Although totally free, Flirt box only allows useless search by age and location. There is none that I can think of as far as I am concerned.

I just personally feel that overall it provides what the users require and I well recommend The website also boasts of a cool in-house mail feature, a picture arcade and a meeting board.The discourse lets members place messages that they like to ginger up interest and attract the opposite sex.You can also put your chat details in, ie MSN which is another nice way to use the site and meet the ladies.