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Changes for the 2010 model-year cars include: All of these features, except for the motor were available either as standard or as add-on option for the non-sport model.

Beginning mid-March 2010, Tesla, in an effort to show off the practicality of its electric cars, sent one of its Roadsters around the world.

Initial studies were done in two "test mule" vehicles based on Lotus Elises equipped with all-electric drive systems.

Ten Engineering Prototypes (EP1 through EP10) which led to many minor changes were then built and tested in late 2006 and early 2007.

of its lithium-ion battery pack, and can accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 3.7 or 3.9 seconds depending on the model. The Roadster's efficiency, as of September 2008 The San Francisco International Auto Show, held on November 18–26, 2006, was the Tesla Roadster's first auto show.

It was featured in Time in December 2006 as the recipient of the magazine's "Best Inventions 2006—Transportation Invention" award.

But Kermode says he believes the players' excuses."I do," he said."The concern would be if they pulled out having not made the effort to come here."Once you're here it's much easier to play, than not play."Given that this is just the second week of the new season, a professional player saying he's fatigued, doesn't sit will with tennis fans who didn't get to see any great match ups on the second day of the tournament."A lot of it is about wording," Kermode said.

"You can withdraw through personal reasons, fatigue and things like this."We've just got to be clear to fans as to why something is happening.

"Ranking points, player withdrawals and how we deal with that is something we've got to and are, looking at."Edmund from Britain has an ankle injury picked up last week in Brisbane, which appears genuine, but the Russian Rublev, who was the eighth seed, Harrison from America and the Argentinian Pella all went deep into their tournaments last week.

ATP boss Chris Kermode has come to the defence of the four players who pulled out of the ASB Classic, but admits it's a bad look.

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