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The latter may be used decoratively over wall-to-wall carpeting or used on wooden or tiled floors for warmth and comfort.

Fibers used to make carpeting There are four basic fiber types that are used to make the majority of carpets worldwide, although often blends are used.

This relates partly to the manufacture of carpeting, but also to lifespan.

For example, it’s all very well to choose the cheapest products on the market, but if they don’t last very long, aren’t biodegradable and can’t be recycled, the carpets or rugs will invariably end up in landfills, which is something people worldwide are trying to minimize.

The company also uses some paper and New Zealand wool, and they back rugs with natural latex that is derived from rubber trees.

Biodegradable carpets Traditionally – in the good old days before people realized the vital importance of going green – carpets were made using petrochemical products that were non-renewable.

It is widely believed that carpeting can cause allergies and promote asthma in people and a similar wheeziness in animals. However information on the Shaw Floors’ web site challenges this belief, quoting various studies that say carpet-caused asthma and allergies are a myth.

They also emphasize the importance of regular vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning which will remove allergens and get rid of dust mites.

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Directly beneath the wood there is a hemp and cotton backing, and beneath that another backing made from jute.

Natural-fiber matting tops the list of biodegradable carpet because it is both remarkably sustainable in terms of production, and is completely biodegradable.

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