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It's a sad story and I'm still ashamed of it, but I feel great for finally doing the right thing.' 'One part of me thought "Oh, this is great" and the other part of me thought "That little runt!" and I wanted clip him across the back of the head and drag him up to Manchester to apologize to the people close to me.'The Department of Justice pursued a two year criminal investigation into Armstrong, pursuing charges of fraud, drug trafficking, witness tampering.During the interview, Oprah recounted a tale from Hamilton's book and Armstrong did not recall the incident In the room: Emma O'Reilly, seen here massaging Armstrong in 1999, said that she heard his team come up for a reason to explain why he had cortizone in his system at the time of the Tour de France that year'If George didn't say it then people would say "I'm sticking with Lance". Betsy Andreu, the wife of former cyclist Frankie Andreu, testified that she and her husband were present when Armstrong rattled off a list of drugs that he was taking while speaking with cancer doctors in 1996.That list included steroids, growth hormones, and EPO.

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Labour MP Frank Field joined campaigners in demanding the Government stops playing Scrooge and backdates claims to when any error first took place.Betsy said she was too emotional to go into the details of the conversation between them but said: 'I thought it took a lot of courage to call me - he had impugned my character for so long, so badly.He hoped he would damage my reputation permanently.They then dropped the investigation without an explanation.

Winfrey faced Armstrong with his own words, showing him a tape of one of his own interviews under oath with sport authorities, and he denied the claims he made in support of the controversial Italian doctor Michele Ferrari who helped him dope.

But the Tories hit back at Mr Field, saying the relevant legislation was brought in when he was a welfare minister.