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For example: It is still compulsory at Oxford to wear formal academic dress (sub fusc) for all university examinations, although this is not the case at Cambridge.During Hilary Term 2006, the students of Oxford voted 81% in favour of keeping formal academic dress at university exams.Cambridge may be best known in film as the real-life location of the court race scene portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire (although the scene was filmed at Eton College instead), or for the television series Porterhouse Blue.There are differences in the terminology traditionally used at the two universities.Degrees are also awarded by the central university and not by the individual colleges.Colleges within each university regularly compete with each other in a variety of sporting and other events (e.g.Applicants must choose a specific college when applying to Oxford or Cambridge, or allow the university to select one for them, as every undergraduate and graduate student must be a member of one of the colleges.However, all colleges are part of the university and students studying the same subject attend the same lectures and exams, irrespective of to which college they belong.

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Despite both universities' stressing that there is no significant difference between them in either the sciences or humanities today, this disparity in the popular imagination has existed since at least the late 1820s, when The Times newspaper reported on the appointment of Oxford and Cambridge academics to the newly established professorships of University College London: "it is known to be the intention to choose classical professors at Oxford, and mathematical at Cambridge", although in the event both the classical and mathematical professors were eventually chosen from Cambridge. Soares, an American sociologist, suggests that Oxford developed a superior political and literary reputation because of its unparalleled connections to England's governing class, its status as the oldest and most traditional university in England, and the greater romantic appeal of Oxford to writers: ..British cabinets in the twentieth century, Oxford men and women outnumbered Cambridge graduates nearly two to one ...

These are typically weekly or more frequent hour-long sessions in which small groups of students – usually between one and three – meet with a member of the university's teaching staff or a doctoral student.