Df not updating after delete

20-Aug-2017 03:04

When I was asked to remove historical data from a 120 GB unpartitioned table for an online payment service I tried different approaches, all with the same basic idea of limiting blocking issues.

In this tip, we will look at different options for doing this and my final solution that I used.

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Purchase Order Detail ( Purchase Order ID , Due Date , Order Qty , Product ID , Unit Price , Received Qty , Rejected Qty , Modified Date ) SELECT Purchase Order ID , DATEADD( YEAR, 6, Due Date) , Order Qty , Product ID , Unit Price , Received Qty , Rejected Qty , Modified Date FROM Adventure Works2012. Purchase Order Detail a CROSS JOIN sys.objects b CROSS JOIN sys.objects c Suppose we need to delete rows from Purchase Order Detail for any record that has a Due Date prior to January 1, 2014.In this tip I will show you an unconventional way of doing massive deletes.We as database specialists know that deleting or updating records from a table are operations that cause the most blocking.I have a large table with millions of historical records.

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