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19-Feb-2017 04:05

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I work as a freelance seamstress and people come to me because of my attitude and ability to project their thoughts into beautiful pieces of clothing.I am incredibly proud and honored to be able to do the job that I do, as not only I am flexible with my work hours but I also get to do the job that inspires me every day.I am writing this letter with hope that you will read it and feel the connection with me.

I graduated twice from Universities, one in Donetsk and one in Kiev, though not I don’t work in my specialty fields, I never the less enjoy my current job so much.Please can I ask you, are you looking for similar things in your search here?If so, please read on my letter and maybe just maybe I am exactly what you have been searching for all this time!I come from a very tight knit family and we all get on very well, my siblings and I tend to spend quite a fair bit of time together and we all look after our mother and have a wonderful connection.