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In Germany they make crosses and things out of the twisted wreckage of the actual cars to mark the spot." "Of the European countries I like Holland the best; it's like a second home to me," he said, thankfully not completely picking up the conversational thread I had started. I didn't comment but silently recalled an incident at a train station in Amsterdam when I changed my mind about a ticket and the agent threw a golf pencil at me and screamed, "IS THIS HOW YOU DO THINGS IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY?" Never mind that the answer to that question is, of course, yes, the experience left me scarred.

He's an entrepreneur, really, as he owns his own business.As soon as I stepped inside, a fortyish man with a shaved head, one dangly earring, and glasses as thick as mason jar bottoms wheeled around on his stool at the bar and asked if I was Amy. He went on to apologize for not picking me up but explained that he can't drive because he is vision impaired. Less forgivable, but still in the ballpark, is putting up a picture that's a year or two old, but how could someone omit the fact that they're missing one of the senses?He was having a pint of beer with a lemon slice floating in it and ordered a chardonnay for me. There are only five of them and sight is one of the important ones.She's gone wine-tasting with Indentured Cats, a blind date who also happened to be blind; been accosted in a cornfield by Glitter Ball, a lounge musician who grew up with the Beatles; and found her artistic sentiments at odds with her desire for financial security when she simultaneously got involved with a painter named Harry Potter and a NASA super-computer designer named Teflon, all in her quest to chronicle the dating life of a regular girl and maybe even find true love.

Each of the 50 chapters is dedicated to a different date, and includes the kinds of tips and sharp observations that only someone on the front lines can offer.He mentioned the cats I had seen pictured sitting on his head. He said that sometimes he wished that he could be lord of the manor, like in a Gothic novel, and that someone else-a servant of some sort-would attend to the demanding cats and their needs.From that point on I thought of him as Indentured by Cats."I guess it seems too good to be true that a twenty-one-year-old who is working her way through medical school by lingerie modeling is interested in me and 'up for anything,' but I click on the link to her Web site anyway.

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