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08-Jan-2018 00:08

During ovulation, your basal body temperature rises in a pattern you can track.This method might not be accurate if you had a fever or infection as a result of your miscarriage.If you have MTHFR, you should stop taking folic acid and instead take folinic acid and methylfolate.Miscarriage is as emotionally taxing as it physically.Some healthcare practitioners advise waiting until you have had a menstrual cycle, because this makes dating easier should you immediately fall pregnant.Some doctors may advise you to wait a while before trying again.However you will likely find that once you are further into the pregnancy, you will find that your anxiety lessens.Women often report feeling less nervous once they have had their first scan.

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In most cases, you are able to start trying to conceive immediately.If you fall pregnant again, its understandable that you may feel anxious about history repeating itself.Talk to your healthcare provider about your anxieties, they will be able to offer you reassurances to help you feel more positive.If you are feeling anxious about the pregnancy, you should speak to your partner about it.

There may also be friends or family members who can support you through this worrying time, but if not, consider a specialised counsellor rather than suffer in silence.

If you are bleeding irregularly, circle each day that you experience bleeding or spotting while you wait for your normal cycle to return.