Dating your pregnancy after miscarriage

08-Jan-2018 00:08

A miscarriage is a very personal experience, and the way you feel afterwards will be unique to your situation.

You may be keen to try again immediately, as a way of helping you to cope with your emotions.

Some healthcare practitioners advise waiting until you have had a menstrual cycle, because this makes dating easier should you immediately fall pregnant.

Some doctors may advise you to wait a while before trying again.

This may be down to your doctor’s preference, or could be based around your unique situation.

You may question your healthcare provider’s advice to determine why they have set a particular time limit.

There may also be friends or family members who can support you through this worrying time, but if not, consider a specialised counsellor rather than suffer in silence.If you experienced a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage, you may find that you ovulate as soon as two weeks after the miscarriage occurs.If the miscarriage occurred later in the pregnancy, you may find that it takes a few months for your hormones and menstrual cycle to return to normal.You can use one method independently or use all of them to paint a more complete picture of your cycle.

Circle the first day of your first regular menstrual cycle on your calendar.Or, you may prefer to wait a few months until you have dealt with any feelings of loss.There is no right time to try for a baby after a miscarriage, it’s a personal decision that you and your partner must make together.You might need time to heal, and therefore want to avoid another pregnancy, or you might be eager to try to conceive again.

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