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They wanted to demonstrate to the world that they are free and they are able do any athletic trick not worse than such men as Theodore Roosevelt hated by feminists.

I expected when I began to learn Ju-jitsu to be able to in three months' time to defend myself against two men; after more than a year of hard training I feel satisfied and excessively proud if I can account for one not more than two stone [28 pounds] heavier than myself.

Nonetheless, for a long time official female Judo championships were not held in Japan, which was famous by its conservatism.

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The article "Japanese woman teaching American girls secret Japanese self-defense system" was published in the Sunday issue of the journal "New York World" as of May 29, 1904.

However, female judoists were unknown in France right up to 1935.

Mikonasuke Kavaishi was the first Judo instructor and his sister Moshe Feldenkrais was one of his first students.

It said: "These women learn a special art of self-defense and they advanced so far that are able to lift and throw a person weighting 200 pounds (90.5 kg) without any problems.

They would instantly topple an opponent swiftly running toward them just by one touch of a knee, wrist or a cheek using his own strength against him." The women described in the article are the rich fashionable ladies: Maria Luisa Galley, Davis Elkins, Grace David Lee, Katrina Elkins, Jessie Allis, Re Lewis Smith Wilmer.

Kano's daughters didn't disgrace the honor of the family.