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20-Aug-2017 09:21

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So, ideally, a valid commercial reason for the waiver, such as enabling the company to retain funds for a specific purpose, needs to be in place, and documented.

Another significant obstacle lying in the path of company owners who wish to waive dividends is the Settlements Legislation.

This type of arrangement could be challenged by HMRC, as the decision to waive dividends would be purely to avoid tax, rather than for a valid commercial reason.

If successfully challenged, the additional dividend funds received by thees employee-shareholders would subsequently be taxed as employment income.

When Medicaid was enacted by Congress in 1965, people with severe disabilities almost always lived in institutions.

Unfortunately, when it comes to debt and other financial responsibilities, enlistment may not be an option for you depending on your credit history, financial responsibilities and your responsibilities to your dependents.

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