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While most Africans will let some things go, white guys do make small things a big deal.

In September last year, Facebook couple Whitney (a Kenyan) and Dominic, were involved in a nasty breakup.

You sounded ecstatic.” ― Beth Fantaskey, “Must we vampires always resort to violence so quickly? I jammed the pitchfork in the general direction of his foot and ran like hell for the house, ignoring his yowl of pain.” ― Beth Fantaskey, “Lucius needs you. "Ugly" and "ill-crafted" seem to be part of the key criteria.” ― Beth Fantaskey, “Why?

Could you, perhaps, have one of the local women fashion a crude poppet out of, say, a wooden spool and some scraps of wool? Aesthetic standars for this particular collection were not high, believe me.

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Could we not just all sit down over a "refreshing Bud Light" and "just chill," as my television and my teammates relentlessly urge me to do? ""Because...because he's so tall," Mindy explained, like height was proof of good character. One should never confuse fashionable with beautiful. "Some of us are starting to wonder.""I come from civilization," Lucius retorted. Now pick up the books.” ― Beth Fantaskey, “Lucius paused, turning on his heel to face me. You, in turn, are obligated to accept graciously.” ― Beth Fantaskey, “Where do you. " Frank challenged, puffing his chest, a little bolder now that he could breathe. It's quite a hysteria- and the evergreen trees are not just a myth, Vasile.