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13-Feb-2018 13:57

In Numerology, These lovers are a little secluded types, and sometimes hard to reach and to understand.However, their disinterest in material things and focus on spirituality makes for interesting and intellectual bed partners.Success in relationships depends on how far their partner can accept this tendency.In Numerology, Number Sixes have a deep dislike of discord and will generally work hard at keeping the peace.If they feel confined, they will be unhappy and restless.When allowed the freedom to socialize and spread their energies, they are exciting and happy lovers.As it is not easy to find beauty with brains, similarly it takes a long time to find the right sexual and intellectual chemistry to match their ideal.

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They attract plenty of sexual interest despite a cold personality outwardly.They may have many relationships in early adult years which may give difficulty in settling down with one partner.Sexually vigorous, they can bring a highly charged lovers in love making who are filled with emotion to a sexual situation that is irresistible for their partner.They are intuitive, sometimes psychic, and although they can be loners at different times in their lives, they are often devoted partners.

They can reach levels of intimacy and romance beyond many people's imaginations.A strong Venus makes one attractive, magnetic, and an expert in the art of love making.They become bitter when a relationship in which they invested time goes wrong.They like bodily pleasures very much and due to this their health may also be affected.

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