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These guys and their data teams ran queries of all kinds and pulled spreadsheet after spreadsheet of information to try and answer our strange questions.

We also needed Ok Cupid to get permission from their users to enable us to publish those popular profile pics.

Instantly I was showered with calls, texts, and all sorts of other things. Right now with all this stress and anxiety about the big test coming up for me, the lazy life sounds great. This is one of the reasons I’m starting to think the whole gay marriage controversy is silly.

She started reading novels about how to recover from break ups, her mom came out to live with her for a few weeks because she claimed it was (so bad). Marriage is supposed to bind two individuals together to produce a fruitful family.

In short, we couldn’t have scraped all this data and derived this advice without the help of these talented data crunchers who are as dedicated to data analysis as we are.

Zohar Lazar Buried in all that data were some surprising facts about how to optimize your dating profile.

I think there’s reason to doubt your beliefs if there’s no evidence (obviously) but when you put everything into logic and reason you’ll ultimately be disappointed since logic and reason are not godly and not perfect. Probably why I have to rant about them on this diary lol.

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Here are 3 critical steps that a woman can take to weed out those individuals who lie and pretend to be something they’re not.I kinda have this feeling in the back of my mind like “maybe someday I’d be awesome to find my soulmate” but honestly, I’m not feeling that lol. I was reading timothy ch 1 today and I was amazed at what Jesus says about those who put their faith in their knowledge.I’m in this young professionals group with my church (it’s basically a singles group) and the more stuff I do with the other men and woman the more I realize that these ladies are in the group TO FIND A HUSBAND. If you put all of your trust in your logic, reason and science. That’s why I always get a bit edgy when people say that the reason they’re Christians is because of some archeologic find or something. I consume media all day but I never think about it. I suppose I just haven’t found other people who like to discuss these things.But anyway, this was the first serious relationship she had ever been in and she was completely devastated when it ended. One the other side of the coin, the stress free life is full of loneliness and dry meaninglessness. We live on earth to work and build a kingdom and loving family with our other brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Never in my life have I seen the aftermath of a breakup this bad. I can just go back to my timeline on this diary to see a poor younger version of myself desperate for a girlfriend or desperate for a project or desperate for meaningful life. I believe in heaven marriage won’t be necessary since we’ll all be one big intimate family.We even scoured the top 400 most popular Ok Cupid profiles—the hottest people on the site in ten US cities—to see what their profile pics could tell the rest of us about attracting a date.We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of the data maestros at Match and Ok Cupid: Christian Rudder, cofounder and president of Ok Cupid, and Jim Talbott, director of consumer insights at I kind wonder how many people just look at my post and they’re just like:“This is way too long to read” click Or “Where’s the TL; DR version?