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18-May-2017 05:49

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One girl pissed me off so much, I got out my latex gloves, loaded paper from the middle of the pack into my printer, fired up my word processor and wrote an anonymous letter to the local police department in the area she operates in.I printed her ad and put it in the envelope with my complaint and mailed it to the police. I can tell you for a fact that 100% of these girls do not want it known publicly that they are an escort, and they certainly don't want the police involved. Although I would in a really bad situation...especially if she steals from you.Bring only the money your willing to spend, your ID, condoms, and cell phone. Leave anything of value that could be stolen locked in your car.If she is coming to your hotel room..your wallet and valuables and lock them in your car. They fail because an escort is only going to use the friendship to either sell you more services, or get you to do things for free that she would normally have to pay for.Remember if you agree to do something and there is no negotiation, you are dong it out of the kindness of your heart because she isn't going to give you any service after she has gotten what she wanted., regardless of what has been said or promised. The best thing you can do is go to your computer, go to and take out an ad. Don't delude yourself into thinking that it is anything more then the money no matter what she says or how she makes you feel.Don't be fooled, these escorts are only interested in the Money. Girls who scam you think they are untouchable and that you are powerless to do anything to them.

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She might even say that after you do what she wants you can finish and she gonna give you more or "extra". One other thing, if she says my "cousin" what she almost always means is girlfriend...romantic girlfriend.First, you should ask her what she services she does or won't do when you call her.Don't be disrespectfull, don't be crude or rude but be direct and make sure she is going to do the things you expect her to do.Then before you pay her, have her agree again to the full amount of time your paying for. The third thing you should do is save the webpage with the ad.