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04-Sep-2017 11:32

Class breaks through in a couple of phrases like “rednecks” or “white trash” or “white collar” or “coastal elites”, but people use the phrases without usually having a broader idea that it’s class they’re talking about. But lower-class people like lower-class culture and generally do not want to adopt upper-class culture, except insofar as it’s necessary to advance. This limits social mobility; you can’t join what you can’t understand. College is a finishing school for the upper classes.

They send their children there to learn the proper upper class values and behaviors.

Then again, if those people existed I probably wouldn’t know anyway.

Then again, the rest of Church’s blog suggests some paranoid tendencies, so maybe the E1 entry is just those coming out.

An assembly line supervisor might make the same amount of money as a schoolteacher, but the schoolteacher would probably seem more refined and be able to access better social circles. Lower-class people can learn their way around upper-class culture, but it’s a difficult and lifelong project done most easily if you already have upper-class resources. Talking about class is taboo because we like to believe we’re a classless society.

But social class is a more complicated idea involving how respectable you seem, how educated you are, and what kind of family you come from. People in a certain class have their own way of dressing, speaking, decorating, and behaving. This is why a lower-class person cannot simply claim to be upper-class and so gain all the benefits of upper-class-hood; it would be as hard as trying to pass for Japanese.

People tend to confuse social class with economic class, eg how much money you make.

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Her name is Sherri and she calls you “darling”; she’s also carrying her lunch, which is KFC plus a Big Gulp.Elites also convince Labor that Elites don’t exist and it’s Gentry all the way up, which means that “anti-1%” sentiment, which should properly get Labor and Gentry to cooperate against the Elites, instead makes Gentry hate the Elites but Labor hate Gentry.Politics boils down to Gentry being good people trying to improve things, and Elite conning Labor into hating Gentry to prevent things from being improved. While all classes can have good and bad people (except E1, which is wholly bad), Elites have a generally negative influence on society, and Gentry are generally positive.Whether the country goes in a good or bad direction now depends on whether the Elites manage to take it back or not. ) so unusually well was that it was mostly a native project of the Gentry that hadn’t yet been infiltrated by the Elites.

Reaction to Church on the subreddit was pretty negative, but I find it at least a good nucleus for further discussion. The Labor/Underclass distinction also seems glaringly obvious to me, if only because Labor hates the underclass.

Siderea notes that Church’s analysis independently reached about the same conclusion as Paul Fussell’s famous guide.

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