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On such undated papyri, the range can be as short as fifty years.But Coptic manuscripts are notoriously difficult to date because the handwriting was more stable than Greek manuscripts.

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Actual dated papyri give us concrete evidence for when a particular style of writing was used.1) What are your thoughts on the authenticity of the Gospel of Judas?Is ink testing and comparison, in your opinion, an adequate method of determining the validity of an ancient text?It is important to distinguish two concepts regarding its authenticity.

First, there is the issue of whether this document is a modern forgery or a bona fide ancient text.The evidence seems to be quite strong that this is the latter.Second, when we hear the word ‘authentic’ regarding an early sub-Christian writing it is natural to conclude that authentic = true as regards the historicity of the Christian faith. All that is being claimed is that the manuscript really was produced in the late third century.Irenaeus was right: this is a fake gospel which promotes a heretical idea about Jesus of Nazareth.

Dec 2, 2007. Amid much publicity last year, the National Geographic Society announced that a lost 3rd-century religious text had been found, the Gospel of Judas Iscariot. The shocker Judas didn't betray Jesus. Instead, Jesus asked Judas, his most trusted and beloved disciple, to hand him over to be killed. Judas'.… continue reading »

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It is thought to have been composed in the second century by Gnostic Christians, not by the antagonist Judas, since it contains late-2nd-century theology. The only copy of it known to exist is a Coptic language text that has been carbon dated to AD 280, plus or minus 60 years. It has been suggested that the text derives from.… continue reading »

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