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05-Feb-2017 13:32

A popular feature that is unique to Date would be the ‘Let’s Meet’ feature.If you list your current location in your profile, you will be presented with a list of members within a certain radius of yourself and you’ll be asked whether or not you would be willing to meet this person.Within these groups, you can find different age groups, religion groups, dating niche groups, and even politics groups.

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The profile pictures of other members are very big and prominent so you’ll be able to see whether or not you are attracted to them very clearly given the size of the pictures that are displayed on Date

You can see whether or not they’re online and active as well as their relationship status.

As a member of this website, you’ll be able to use the search function to look for members based on their age, gender, or location.

If you were born in the 1980s or happen to be Jewish, you will automatically have access to these specific groups in Date if you want to be apart of them and see other members from a similar background.

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Lastly, Date gives you the option to see the history of those users who liked your profile with the ‘heart’ icon, those users who have sent you private messages, or even those users who have viewed your profile and when they did so.

Date is one of the oldest online dating websites that has been around since the early days of this phenomenon and for well over a decade.