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08-Mar-2017 17:50

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The Center for the Study of Global Christianity projects that there may be 218 million Christians in China by 2050, perhaps 16 percent of its total population.The current Pentecostal and evangelical populations are concentrated among the growing middle' class.They live predominantly in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the United States, but they also enjoy a presence in Chile, Ghana, Guatemala, South Africa, and South Korea.The explosion of Pentecostalism and evangelical Christianity has collided with entrenched religious communities.Three countries with substantial Muslim communities-India, Indonesia, and Nigeria-also have large Pentecostal populations and sizable minorities of Christians more broadly.Muslim-Christian tensions have recently arisen in those nations, most notably in Nigeria, where sectarian violence erupted earlier this year and left over 500 people dead.

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Religiosity is now one of the most accurate indicators of fertility, far more telling than denominational or ethnic identity, since religious people tend to have more children than their secular counterparts.More Muslim women are wearing the veil, more Muslim men are growing beards, and more Muslims are attending mosques more; often.According to the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Islam is thriving, with 86 percent of Turks, 00 percent of Indonesians, and 08 percent of Egyptians surveyed reporting that religion plays an important part in their lives.It is growing in countries with a wide variety of religious traditions and levels of economic development, suggesting that neither poverty nor social exclusion is solely responsible.

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