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17-Nov-2017 19:54

Sometimes it seems Their interests are all so different than mine.Keep us posted about the boyfriend and cultural mishaps….I understand there are so many differences, but still have been surprised/annoyed/disappointed at the barriers, especially when I feel like I have tried and really wanted to cross those barriers.I had lived here for a year before I ever had a dinner in a Thai home – and now, six months later, it’s only happened…more time?Fast forward a year and a half, and I’m not getting married or never coming home, but I may or may not have found a certain someone. In fact, he’s someone I mentioned briefly back in a May post on Wanderlust and Lipstick… It’s just that here, we’re not considered European, or Australian, or American, or whatever, but or ‘white foreigner’), the guy is either a musician, a bartender or a tattoo artist. My belief is that these are the few guys who are able, willing and used to talking with Western women. ) don’t have any Thai friends even after living in . ) If it that’s difficult to make friends, how in the world am I supposed have a relationship with someone?It’s frustrating and hard to understand or explain – I usually feel very welcome here and people are polite. (I once sent a message to a fellow teacher, who was my age and who had spoken to me several times at school, if she would like to get coffee sometime. I don’t know if it’s an intimidation thing, a money thing, a language thing…I’m assuming a combination of all three.

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True about the interests and having things in common – it can be a fine line between learning about another’s interests and even you don’t share them you want to know more and simply just not connecting before your tastes are so different. I just prefer their attitude over the jealous, gossipy, outrageous Thai girls. Sometimes people would presume I was her ‘helper’ of some sort or a ‘translator’. I’m not even talking about the old german/english dudes that end up in patpong/pattaya, but the frat boys/douchebags that come here after watching movies like the hangover 2. Reply The whole thing is just kind of odd isn’t it?

you mention the whole bartender/tattoo artist thing as being a way for thai men to connect with western women, and I agree with you, that may be a factor.