Dating a renaissance man

12-Mar-2018 08:13

Everywhere there are narratives decrying the absence of marriage and “successful” Black relationships.There has been no shortage of stories in 2010 about the single Black woman’s hopelessness and Black men seeking women of other races and same sex.He may not be a street dude, but he knows the street. But like everything in life, this man comes with a price. A CNN documentary on President Obama shown during his campaign highlighted a serious rift in his marriage, saying that Michelle was on the verge of seeking a divorce.

We see men confused, and not really understanding what it is to be a man.Masculine energy, at its core, is that of nothingness, emptiness, the observer of life and emotion, always present, always feeling, always letting go.The masculine energy is strong, grounded, and with a clearly defining purpose that carries him through life with an unwavering Because of this, masculine energy cannot thrive in its fullest and man becomes a shadow of what he has the potential to be.Male and female energy are very different in reality.

Dec 18, 2014. Polymaths – those who have expertise in many different areas – are known as Renaissance men, because so many all-round geniuses emerged in the period. The painter/ scientist/ philosopher/ engineer Leonardo da Vinci is the archetypal example – but what leads some people to be brilliant at everything.… continue reading »

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May 15, 2014. You probably heard the term "Renaissance man" for the first time in high school history class while daydreaming about fast cars and the pretty girl. The modern Renaissance man doesn't have to be a master sculptor or an accomplished poet. The girl you're dating wants to sign up for salsa classes?… continue reading »

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