Dating a recovered drug addict

26-Mar-2017 23:23

They will face challenges together, as well as make each other feel happy, safe and loved.

In the end, loving a recovering addict is no different from loving anyone else.

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Those who immediately respond to their partner’s disease with judgment (“How could you let yourself use drugs when everyone knows how bad they are? A loving and supportive partner should take the time to become educated on the struggles of drug addiction and recovery.As stated above, however, relapse is always possible.Those dating a recovering drug addict might need to change their own habits to keep their partner healthy and sober.Sovereign Health Alumni Services supports those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our team of clinicians and staff are always available to help former patients maintain a positive lifestyle.Read memoirs about people who have suffered from drug addiction, peruse blogs or watch documentaries.The Anonymous People, an informative and moving documentary about addiction, is currently available on Netflix. Professional treatment can manage addiction, but it cannot cure it – in other words, for most recovering addicts, the desire to use drugs will always exist.For instance, recovering addicts might not feel comfortable if their partner drinks in front of them or keeps alcohol in the house.