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Write out the sentences in the Past Continuous from exercise 5.

Find someone who: has a garden has a garden with fruit trees and flowers has a garden with a swimming pool often works in the garden enjoys working in the garden wants to be 10. Home Gardening in the USA Most popular vegetables in the USA gardens are tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, sweet peppers, carrots, peas, sweet corn and onions.

Would you like a garden with vegetables or with flowers? Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, cards Procedure of the lesson: Organization moment Greeting: explanation of the objectives Warm-up Find the words. Would you like a garden with vegetables or with flowers?

The topic of my research is connected with a very urgent problem concerning our education, which plays a key role in the development of abilities of a young generation.There are a lot of social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.Most of people have at least one account in any social networks, but some people are against the Internet chat: they think that social networks are absolutely useless things.In addition, we can have a lot of friends on any sites, but are they really your friends?

Of course, not everyone of them can be called a friend.

Practise the pronunciation of the words (exercise 11). Read the text Home Gardening in the USA and false stattements. Flower shows and vegetable shows are popular in the USA.

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