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“And if I wanted to have that much control over it, I should just do it myself.” , follows three couples who embark on a weekend trip together to Savannah, Ga.This getaway is then revealed to be an intervention on behalf of one of the couples, which sparks each character’s sorting of emotional baggage.I said, 'That sounds great.' It felt like five minutes later she was like, 'Well, I wrote a draft of it.' She wrote it so fast!I was scared, honestly, because I had to do it because she's my best friend. That there's a Melissa Mc Carthy and there's a Rebel Wilson and there's a Lena Dunham and there's a Mindy Kaling.

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Lynskey's Annie is the anxious friend who's convinced married couple Ruby (Cobie Smulders) and Peter (Vincent Piazza) need to break up.spoke with Lynskey and Du Vall in Los Angeles about their collaboration and being a woman in Hollywood today.I was so close to the script, obviously, and I had an experience on another film where I had to take on a lot more than an actor normally has to and I really enjoyed that.So I do think there are some people who are still like, Why would we examine women's lives the way we examine men's?