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The Battle of Villersexel took place on 9 January 1871 as part of the Franco-Prussian War.

Elements of the French Armée de l'Est under General Bourbaki engaged August von Werder's Prussian forces. In the turmoil and confusion following major reverses and capitulations at Sedan, Paris, and Metz, the remaining French armies faced major supply difficulties which restricted their movements.

Prussian troops, filing through an unguarded pass, rapidly overwhelmed the positions surrounding the bridge over the Ognon. However, the French lines at Esprels, Autrey-le-Vay, and, to the east, Villers-la-Ville, successfully checked the Prussian attack.

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The Battle of Villersexel in the Franco-Prussian War opposed on January 9, 1871 elements of the French Armée de l'Est under General Bourbaki to August von Werder's Prussians.A chateau has existed at this location for several hundred years.Currently the third incarnation of the Château de Villersexel is located at this site.Though the French sustained more losses they managed to drive the Prussian armies from their barricades.

Faites un voyage dans le temps et célébrez votre union dans le cadre somptueux du Château de Villersexel, classé Monument Historique, pour vivre un événement inoubliable.The Armée de l'Est was tasked with reaching and assisting Belfort, where Colonel Denfert-Rochereau still held out.Werder's Prussians caught up to Bourbaki in the evening of January 9 at Villersexel, where a French detachment had taken positions the evening before.Enfin, profitez des tables d'hôtes afin de découvrir, le temps d'un week-end, la vie de Château d'il y a 100 ans.