Can you give me some advice on dating

03-Jun-2017 14:15

Back when the dot-com bust happened in 2001-2002, all the people who were heavily invested in technology stocks took a serious bath. Spread your risk over a few good methods and you won't get burned.

(I just watched "Wall Street" again the other day, can you tell? GET A GIRLFRIEND TIP 5) Know what kind of a woman you really want.

And then start getting on their social calendars, one at a time. (It's something I'm going to be talking more about in my upcoming program coming in a few months.) First, just connect with everyone in your network of friends.

Get together with them, have a drink or a lunch, and just reconnect.

Your goal is not the END, it's simply the NEXT STEP in the process.

Your GOAL is not to get a girlfriend, even though you think it is.By the way, I'm on this kick lately of just going out and socializing, and making sure all my friends have fun.So if you have any parties or social gatherings, drop me a line if you think it would be fun." Give him your email, give him your cell phone and give him your facebook address. From there, you just bust it out to the next level by making friends with people at every gathering you attend.It lowers your loneliness quotient, and it increases your ability to find a good woman in the long run.

No doubt you have a terrible dating story. and that some sites can be expensive. The sex bloggers give their advice.… continue reading »

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The Quick Answer What is the difference between advise and advice? Advise Advise is a verb. The verb to advise means to give example Please advise me. I need you to advise me.… continue reading »

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Speak to Me, Lord What Not to Tell a Single. if you are tempted to give this kind of advice. He does honor the deposit within you. He might change some of.… continue reading »

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