California law mandating nurse pt ratios

22-Feb-2017 11:39

New Jersey requires 2.5 hours of basic nursing care per patient per day plus additional hours of care depending on specialized services individual patients may require. Pennsylvania uses a combination of direct care hours and specific staff-to-patient ratios.For example, a patient needing wound care must receive an extra .75 hours of care daily, a patient using a respirator must receive 1.25 hours, and a patient needing intravenous therapy must receive 1.5 hours. It requires 2.7 hours of direct resident care daily.Kansas uses a combination of direct care hours and specific staff-to-patient ratios.Nursing homes must provide at least 1.85 hours of direct care staff time per resident during any 24-hour period and must average two hours daily each week.At least 0.6 hours must be by a licensed nurse and 1.4 hours by ancillary nursing personnel.

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Ancillary nursing personnel provide the balance of care hours.The legislation required the Agency for Health Care Administration to adopt regulations setting minimum daily resident care hours for CNAs at 2.3 hours in 2002, 2.6 hours in 2003, and 2.9 hours in 2004 and afterward. Licensed nurses must provide a minimum of one hour a day in direct service to residents, and a facility must have at least one licensed nurse for every 40 residents.hours as part of the CNA staffing minimums as long as the nurses are performing CNA duties for their entire shift and the facility meets the minimum nurse-to-resident ratio.On the evening shift, one licensed nurse is needed for every 70 beds. Level I facilities provide intensive skilled nursing, including restorative services.