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20-Jan-2017 05:00

And then, the things remembered that may never have happened; victim of dreams, photographs, stories listened to or imagined, fantasies.

There are countless circumstances that can regulate the accuracy or existence of memory And there is the matter of form which is an essential ingredient of all of my poetry and much of this is poetry.

I might apologize for the prose for I never was a good writer of prose. The intention of this book was to be Autobiography or Memoir.

I find it so, but there were complications which, I’m sure, I spoke of earlier and later.Forgotten, remembered, forgotten and remembered again and finally forgotten. We know what we want to say to describe some event, person or thing, but the appropriate word is not waiting for us.It’s words that name things; labels which apply to lots of things: people’s names, book titles, movies, vegetables, items, the nouns of language. We are the ones who are waiting, and sometimes what we are waiting for fails to arrive.Were they compelling enough to be included to some degree and.

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I decided they were as interesting as anything that might be recalled from memory, and certainly more accurate in detail.“REMEMBRANCES”For my children; for theirs and theirs and theirs beyond.That they might better know me; carry me along and perhaps benefit from the mulch.I stumbled through a hundred or so pages of dull and poorly composed prose and was relieved to suspend that project again (I was never able to write prose: too structured and contradictory for my aesthetic.)Emboldened and shocked by my advancing years I figured it would be now or never, but as with my previous efforts I arrived at a dead end after several hundred pages of journal writing. I’ve written thousands of pages of poetry, from garbage to commendable, and if anyone is interested in knowing whom I was and am let them find me there. Now I’m eighty-two and suffering from a condition not uncommon with people of this age, in fact I’ve been aware of its advance for at least twenty years----loss of language.