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Certain parts of Botswana are high malarial risk areas; prevention should include long trousers and sleeves, bed nets and antimalarial medication to be discussed with your physician.

Note that Choloroqine is an ineffective antimalarial medication in Botswana and should not be taken.

But, as mentioned above, the country’s low population density makes delivery of health care difficult, particularly in rural areas.

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Free anti-retroviral drugs and a programme to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child have proven effective in recent years.Programmes to reintroduce sturdy indigenous plants have begun to ameliorate these issues.While recent HIV/AIDS related deaths have negatively effected population growth, migration from neighbouring countries with unstable regimes, such as Zimbabwe, are currently threatening to strain resources.Certain other antimalarial drugs have side effects which should be discussed in detail with your physician.

Halofantrene is regarded as an extremely powerful antimalarial with serious side effects and should only be used in an emergency if there are no other alternatives.

While HIV/AIDS captures most of the headlines, as an emerging market country, Botswana faces increased risk from many of the so-called “diseases of affluence” such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems which are usually correlated with a modern western diet and more sedentary lifestyle.

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