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15-Feb-2017 18:28

Divorce rate in developed countries is higher than in developing countries; divorced or separated mothers normally form the majority of single-parent families, followed by never-married women.

Many children end up living in a single-parent home after parents separate, but in case of remarriage, this is only a temporary situation after they move into a two-parent family, with one biological parent and one step-parent.

There are various reasons for their formation, such as a divorce, separation, widowhood or because the parents were never married.

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By the beginning of the 21st century, there was less of a social stigma attached to women who might choose to have children and bring them up, without being married to or even living with the child's father. I'm currently researching my new book and you have mentioned a number of books which I'm going to read as part of my research in this article - thank you!If you're looking for a book to help children who suddenly become young carers after a family member becomes sick / disabled, then please check out my website Thank you.Are you wanting high quality Christian books for children in your home that build Christian character?

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