Bobbi kristina brown and nick gordon dating

28-Jan-2017 16:04

She was the daughter of singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Her parents' fame kept Bobbi Kristina in the public eye, including her appearances on the reality show Being Bobby Brown.

Her vocals were featured in her mother's 1998 song, "My Love Is Your Love," for her album of the same title. Brown was featured in her mother's 2003 Christmas album titled One Wish: The Holiday Album in her mother's version of "The Little Drummer Boy".

When her mother brought her to the recording studio and held her up to the microphone, she said "Sing, mommy.", which can be heard during the first verse of the song. When Brown's parents divorced in 2007, her mother was awarded custody, while her father received visitation rights.

Brown was 14 when her parents divorced and Houston gained custody.

When Houston died in February 2012, Brown was named as the sole beneficiary of her mother's estate.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has gone public with her relationship. Bobbi and Nick met many years ago after the former's mother took Nick in as one of her own because he was suffering through major family problems. News that Gordon - described as laid back and intelligent - has been the de facto "man" of the house since Bobby Brown departed.

The 19-year old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is dating Nick Gordon, as the couple Tweeted a photo of itself last night. There's no blood relation between the pair, of course, which is what prompted Gordon to lash out via Twitter yesterday, writing: "Yea we got a little closer and what!!! All the haters that dont know us or th real story can't un follow me. I've proved my loyalty to her and the Houston family.

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The initial autopsy found no "obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries were noted", and the Fulton County Medical Examiner's office said more tests were forthcoming.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office announced on September 25, 2015, that it had "classified the cause and manner of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death", while citing a Superior Court order that prevented the office from releasing any details to the public.

The findings were provided to the Fulton County District Attorney and to Roswell Police.

That October, Brown caused controversy within both of her parents' families when she announced her engagement to Nick Gordon, a man she previously considered her "big brother".

When the couple announced they were married, her father's lawyer released a statement disputing the report.• Kevin Costner on Bobbi Kristina Brown: ‘I Can’t Imagine’ What Her Family Is Going Through• Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Keeping Hospital Bedside Vigil• Bobbi Kristina Brown Is ‘Fighting For Her Life,’ Family Says• For Bobbi Kristina Brown, Minutes Without Air ‘Could Be Grim’• Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Still Unresponsive, According to Source• Do Bobbi Kristina Browns’s Social Media Accounts Hold Clues About Why She Was Found Unresponsive?Looks like no one is immune from thinking it is weird that Bobbi Kristina Brown is dating the guy she used to consider her "brother" -- because even their closest friends were shocked by the news ... As TMZ first reported, Bobbi feels she's doing nothing wrong by dating Nick Gordon, the guy her mother Whitney Houston unofficially adopted 10 years ago.Brown died from lobar pneumonia on July 26, 2015 after being in a coma for nearly six months.

Last night viewers saw Bobbi Kristina Brown speak out about the pain of losing her mother Whitney Houston. But today it has emerged that the 19-year-old is.… continue reading »

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