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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is the acronym used to describe the de facto standard for the syndication of Web content.The most widespread usage of RSS is in distributing news headlines on the internet.You only have to join one house swapping site, but that means you will only see homes listed on that site.And house swapping depends on your ability to find someone interested in visiting your town when you want to visit their town, so volume is especially important to improve your odds.

Where possible, in my reviews I’ve provided a breakdown of listings by continent, or for some sample countries.

You also need to think about what’s important to you in a home exchange network.

I recommend starting with a list of your goals for house swapping.

A website that wants to allow other sites to publish some of its content creates an RSS document and registers the document with an RSS publisher.

A user that can read RSS-distributed content can use the content on a different site.When I decided to try out house swapping I was overwhelmed by the number of websites serving people interested in home exchange.I spent a few weeks going through them at random, and searching in vain for objective reviews or at least some overview information comparing the sites.Most home exchange networks cost money, and it takes some work to build a decent profile and go through listings, so ideally you want to only join one or two.